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In a world where personal safety concerns are a reality for many,
Real Street Defence (RSD) 
is here to equip individuals and communities
with the tools they need to feel confident and 
secure in their daily lives.

Why Choose RSD's Self-Defence Workshops?

At RSD, we recognise the anxiety surrounding verbal abuse, assault,
and the fear of being 
followed or attacked. Our self-defence workshops
go beyond traditional martial arts or 
fitness classes, focusing on education
and practical techniques to enhance personal safety in 
real-world situations.

What Sets RSD Apart?

Real-World Safety Education: Our workshops are designed to address the genuine

concerns people face every day, whether walking across a dark car park or being
out alone 
at night. We bring real-world safety education to your community,
promoting confidence
and self-assurance.

Versatile Training Locations 

RSD doesn't just stick to one setting. We bring our expertise to gyms, leisure
centres, sports clubs, and community groups, ensuring 
accessibility and inclusivity.
Additionally, our self-defence workshops are available virtually 
via Zoom, and we
offer online courses for self-paced learning.


Experienced and Certified Instructors:

Rest assured, our instructors at RSD are not only experts in self-defence but are
also trained in first aid, mental health first aid, and 
As a trauma-aware and trauma-informedself-defence training provider,
prioritise your well-being.


Our Bespoke Self-Defence Workshops

Our workshops are tailored to suit the unique needs of your group or students.
Here are 
some of the key topics covered:

• Threat Analysis & Environmental Awareness 
  Understand potential 
threats, how to stay vigilant in various environments.


• Adrenaline Response

  Learn how your body reacts to extremes and how to manage adrenaline effectively.


• Risk Evaluation

  Identify and avoid dangerous situations through thoughtful risk assessment.


• Mindset & Body Language 

  Develop the right mindset & understand the role of body language  in self-defence.


• Types of Attackers 

  Recognise different attacker profiles and their patterns.


• Self-Defence and the Law

  Gain insights into the legal aspects of self-defence.


• Effective Striking Techniques 

  Learn practical striking techniques and physical responses to different holds and grabs.


Are You Ready To


If you're ready to discuss the benefits of hosting a self-defence class for your group, contact us for an informal chat. Let's work together to create a safer and more confident community through Real Street Defence.


Your safety is our priority.

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