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The Next Generation

At Real Street Defence, our primary focus is on educating teenagers
and young adults about the paramount importance of self-protection
and staying safe. We recognize that personal
 safety is a top priority for students, and our dedicated programs aim to equip them with

essential life skills and a heightened awareness of their surroundings.


Creating A Safer
Educational Environment

Teenagers and young adults deserve to enjoy their educational experiences without the shadow of potential threats. Unfortunately, attacks on students are all too common, often stemming from a lack of awareness. RSD's self-defence training for schools, sixth forms, colleges, and universities, including Student Unions, is designed to raise personal safety awareness among students.

Our Self Defence Workshop

for Education Establishments Includes:


Environmental Awareness

Teaching students to be aware and switched on to their environment.

Adrenaline Response

Understanding how the body reacts in high-stress situations.

Risk Evaluation

Developing the skills to assess and avoid potentially violent situations.

Mindset and Body Language:

Empowering students through the understanding of mindset and non-verbal communication.

Types of Attackers

Recognizing different attacker profiles and their methods.

Common Types of Attacks

Providing insights into prevalent forms of attacks.

Self Defence and the Law

Offering valuable information about the legal aspects of self-defence.

Effective Physical Self Defence Techniques

Teaching practical techniques, including soft tissue targeting, responses to holds & grabs, and when to employ pre-emptive striking.

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